Distinguish types of reinforced concrete piles

Reinforced concrete piles are divided into several categories, adapted to local conditions and location of the work performed. Today’s article will give you a clear idea about the type of deposit common nowadays.

1. Reinforced concrete piles



Cọc bê tông thường được sản xuất tại xưởng hoặc công trường

  • As piles are produced in factories or construction sites with precast reinforced concrete and used switchgear , or pressed to the ground . Type the common stakes square cross section , length depends on the pile cross-section design, if too large pile length , the pile can be divided into short segments for easy fabrication and specialized equipment in accordance with transport and equipment pile .
  •     Next to the pile common in Vietnam today is 0.2 to 0.4 m , length 12m piles usually smaller than the maximum length of a steel plant is 11.7 m . Concrete poles used for marking from 250-350 ( equivalent strength level ( B20 – B25 ) .
  •     Reinforced concrete piles used appropriately and well in the new residential environment , in the new geological foundation leveling and ground obstacles . In this case , reinforced concrete piles are usually able to penetrate geological layers and complex obstacles while ensuring no cracking piles , technicians can fully control the quality of the pile was pressed .
[ / list] 2 . Concrete prestressed centrifugal



Sản phẩm cọc bê tông dự ứng lực

  • As piles are manufactured on production lines , maintenance on the line and done entirely in the factory . Centrifugal concrete prestressed two shapes : round and square pile piles , concrete grade 500 or more centrifugal .
  •     Concrete prestressed glass produced by centrifugal method has issued compressive strength of concrete from B40 to B60 . The length and thickness of the deposit depending on the outer diameter of the pile .
  •     Piles are used in cases where there is no geological obstacles such as farm land or new land reclamation . The pile construction methods can be used as poles down with a hammer , presses , twisted method or methods of water erosion .
  •     Centrifugal prestressed piles can plug a lot deeper than the reinforced concrete piles generally should take advantage of the load bearing capacity of the ground so that the number of spindles in a few stations , the construction layout and also ease easy , cost-saving station building foundations .
  •     Due to the use of concrete and high-strength steel reinforced cross section should decrease resulting in reduced weight for convenient transportation , construction è than economic .
  •     Another advantage of concrete is prestressed centrifugal load capacity due to large horizontal concrete in the pile is pre-stressed to increase the concrete tensile therefore enhance waterproofing and corrosion .
[ / list] 3 . Pile



Thi công cọc khoan nhồi

  • A type of concrete is poured in place in the hole created by drilling or tube equipment . Pile diameter is usually 0.6 m , 0.8 m , 1.0 m , 1.2 m , 1.4 m . Pile length is unlimited depending on geological conditions .
  •     Be large piles and pile tip depth greater than precast piles , so despite resistance unit smaller , but still larger load capacity , so the number of piles in a pile at stations , the father pilework location in the underground works so well easier when the work load is large , then we should use pile .
  •  Advantages of piles piles can be placed into the soil so hard that even rock pile can not be reached .
  •  The most prominent feature of the pile is very large horizontal load bearing capacity of bored pile construction should be small vibrations than construction pile , bored pile construction does not cause land slides around , do not push the existing piles around sideways so totally bored piles can be applied to build tall buildings in densely populated areas , the building inserts , adjacent houses on the street , the villa because it overcomes incidents of subsidence cracks adjacent to regain the balance has tilted settlement building in use , reinforced foundation is weak , can be applied in the cramped locations or in small nooks and crannies .
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For terrain in Nha Trang city , especially in the new urban areas with ground leveling and construction of the pile should be studied and defined to ensure choice and plan appropriate piles . As for the type of hotel , built in the city, in the same area townhouses , CMC we will also advise you pile construction plans reasonable , economical and still very effective .


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