(Tiếng Việt) Quá trình thi công đóng cọc bê tông cốt thép đúc sẵn

Category : Pilling Categories - 28/03/2014

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Piling Technology for centrifugal prestressed pile

Category : Pilling Categories - 23/01/2014

Centrifugal restressed piles: Centrifugal prestressed piles are used very popular in recent years, in the civil construction projects, industrial in Vietnam, can substitute for the type of load other piles:…


Advantages and disadvantages of bored piles construction

Category : Pilling Categories - 17/01/2014

Each solution pile and pile construction currently used have a certain range of applications accompanied by the advantages and disadvantages pile is also not an exception. The advantages and disadvantages…

The construction step of bored pile (Part 2)

Category : Pilling Categories - 11/01/2014

After checking the depth of holes drilled in step 3, we carried out the next steps in the construction process bored piles as follows: 4. Working reinforced Reinforcement work processing…


The construction step of the bored pile

Category : Pilling Categories - 02/01/2014

1. Layout diagram drilling location – Each drill is arranged in a certain area to avoid entanglement in the construction work. – To arrange the order drill from the inside…


The preparation of bored pile construction

Category : Pilling Categories - 27/12/2013

Pile is a kind of reinforced concrete piles are widely used today because it is the foundation solution has many advantages in terms of design, based on geological data designer…