The preparation of bored pile construction

Pile is a kind of reinforced concrete piles are widely used today because it is the foundation solution has many advantages in terms of design, based on geological data designer can determine the depth piles so that the load capacity of the equivalent load bearing capacity of the pile material , this method static piles or concrete piles pressed not achieved, a condition that leads to reasonable solutions and economic foundations than fact .

Bored pile construction is in the narrow terrain , however there are defects in construction management , quality checking hard concrete piles bored into . Thus , requiring skill and experience of the contractor and construction supervision , construction supervision must be strict , full compliance processes .

The preparation of pile construction involves the following steps :

1 . Preparing the ground pile

– Premises prior to construction must be flattened .

– Ensure hard not sunk as construction machinery .

– Ensure road drainage in case of heavy rain .



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2. Positioning cardiac markers

– Identify the location of each pile and heart cardiac column, using bamboo poles to mark.

– Arranging the columns heart, the side markers on walls to mark the loss can be used to stringing method recover lost heart

– Accuracy heart after construction is complete piles smaller than D / 4 but not more than 15cm for large and smaller stakes between D / 6 but not greater than 10cm for boundary stakes.



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3. Gathering equipment – supplies

– After surface preparation work carried out by fully assembled equipment and supplies

– The equipment is neatly gathered, arranged to place concrete pipe, drilling and facilities construction work …

– Supplies of iron guarantee high places to avoid flooding and mud and soil.

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