The construction step of the bored pile

1. Layout diagram drilling location

– Each drill is arranged in a certain area to avoid entanglement in the construction work.

– To arrange the order drill from the inside out to avoid drilling vehicles running on new concrete pile is finished.

– Tim after drilling just before the heart edges of the concrete before reaching the larger heart for 24 hours.


2 . Drilling work

– When putting the machine into position , align the right cardiac markers were positioned earlier .

– Page size machine ensures guaranteed not tilt the machine sinking operations .

– Check the vertical tower with 2 leveling bubble mounted on both sides of the drilling tower , two bubbles continue to monitor this fishery during drilling .

After calibration is complete using drill machine drill out a chunk of 2m deep and low birth canal paragraph ( pipe wall is 2m in length ) to prevent erosion and water loss during drilling .

– Conduct a drill with drill down to the high level design of the pile .

– When drilling geological and track record , if different than the document , the geological survey immediately notify the owner and design consultant knows to adjust the depth stake .

– While drilling should check the appropriate amount of bentonite .

Bentonite solution put mulch effect boreholes drilled from the bottom of the pit outcrops and effective solution to keep the drill hole did not collapse , should in any case cease construction due to weather or stopping overnight hours worked by all to ensure … they still boreholes are pumped full of fluid .


– In the process of drilling through the floor if large absorbent rapid dehydration must be quickly added to the solution to bentonite waterproofing.

– Construction of a high water table note bore no two hearts closer together to avoid piles among piles of water rushed it over other piles into the wall leading to landslides.

– After finishing 1st drill down drill conducted crouched down to pull out a bloated B remaining land up. This step can be done 1 to 2 times

– When B was crouched down drill operations such as drilling down, but when you pull the nose up is not rotated to avoid drilling mud down the drill hole reached land.

3. The inspection of drill hole depth.


– Use a tape measure hanging drop into the hole drilled through on or measured by the length of drill pipe or concrete .

– While some mulch drill drill drill hole was located in the drop should not be waiting to be checked so at this high level checks based on length of drill holes and drill to calculate the number , length every need drilling is 3.05M .

– After using all drill shavings crouched B drag and drop the drill holes to check plumb then drop into the steel cage concrete pipe .

– After dropping finished steel cage and concrete pipe , drop the red team to conduct high level boreholes to determine sediment thickness .

– Conduct a bidet blow holes drilled out , displaced by high drop again boreholes to determine the sediment layers to ensure < 10cm .

– If the case is finished bidet that blows no immediate concrete before pouring concrete to check again to ensure sediment layers within the permissible limits .