Advantages and disadvantages of bored piles construction

Each solution pile and pile construction currently used have a certain range of applications accompanied by the advantages and disadvantages pile is also not an exception. The advantages and disadvantages when bored piles constructed as follows:



Bored piles constructed with a frame machinery and modern equipment, convenient on any terrain complexity. Piles can be placed in the soil is hard, even to the rock pile that can not be reached.

Construction Equipment compact pile should be constructed in the cramped conditions of construction, during construction does not cause land slides around without causing subsidence cracks, affecting around poles, background foundation and structure of the adjacent buildings.

Be large piles and pile tip depth greater than piles mechanism available so load capacity is much larger than the pile made ​​available. Bearing capacity 1.2 times higher compared with other technologies suitable for building large, heavy loads, foundation geology or soil strata complex changes..

The outstanding advantage of the bored pile construction is safety in design and construction of high, continuous steel structure 11.7 meters long, concrete is poured continuously from the bottom of the borehole to create a seamless concrete blocks block mortgage should avoid linking trait combinations as pressed piles or piles, thus increasing the bearing capacity and durability of the foundation of industrial, high-rise buildings, bridges small-scale traffic, …

The inclination of the pile deflection within permissible limits, besides the number of piles in a pile at radio stations so arranged piles of work easier. The safety, cost savings and time of construction of bored piles and piles higher than conventional presses.



For bored pile construction, construction engineering requirements make it difficult to test high quality precision attack on concrete piles, thus requiring skilled workers and closely monitored for compliance construction procedures.

The second weakness is the execution environment construction muddy, dirty. Construction depth is restricted within the limits of 120-150 times the pile diameter.

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