(Tiếng Việt) Giải pháp chống thấm hiệu quả cho công trình xây dựng

Category : Constrution categories - 18/03/2014

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(Tiếng Việt) Chống thấm: Định nghĩa và nguyên nhân

Category : Constrution categories - 05/03/2014

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Check the concrete transport progress

Category : Constrution categories - 18/02/2014

Concrete transport processes are particularly important in the whole process of poured concrete. Let’s learn more about this work with CMC. Although this is the job of providing concrete unit…


Check concrete progress

Category : Constrution categories - 24/01/2014

The process of pouring concrete is extremely important because it decide the concrete quality.  Engineers ensure quality consultant should have a permanent presence to witness the work of the contractor….


Quality control of concrete mixtures

Category : Constrution categories - 17/01/2014

One checks vital for concrete work is to test concrete materials. For years we had only mixed concrete requirements for ultimate strength. If only such a requirement is not enough…

Check to ensure proper reinforcement location during the construction

Category : Constrution categories - 04/01/2014

During the construction process, many of these impacts may pick position was reinforced acceptance before pouring concrete over reinforcement as travel, reinforced shoulder dress squashed beef in the pillow, the…