Process & Cost

Construction Process:

  • Constructor and investors discuss together about construction time, building materials, payment terms, relevant information…
  •  Send quotation, contract form, appendix,.. to investors.
  • Specific agreement on construction time, the responsibilities of the parties
  • Sign contracts.
  •  Contract implement
  • Complete and terminate the construction contract.
  • Do warranty after finishing construction.

Cost of construction contract:

  • Cost of working-hour contract: according to labor costs over 1m2 floor, from 850,000 dong to 1,000,000 dong.
  • Cost of working-hour & materials contract: 3,000,000 – 3,400,000 dong/m2 floor. Construction costs for each customer are not same because of the complexity of the work.
  • Cost of Turnkey contract: from 5.000.000 dong/m2 floor depends on the complexity of each project.