Time & Cost

Time of Design:

  • For architectural projects, interior & exterior for the house, apartment, office, showroom, exhibition, restaurant,… design time will include 2 main phases: plan sketch (15-20 days after signing the contract) and Detailed Engineering Design (7-10 days after signing the plan sketch).
  • As for the public and industry, please contact CMC for us to understand your requirements and give you accurate information.

Cost of Design:

  • Cost of design: calculated  m2 of floor space, respectively, the specific unit price depends on many factors: the total floor area, type of space, the specific requirements of the investors… but average design cost ranged from 120,000-180,000 dong/m2.
  • Interior, exterior design cost: 60,000-80,000 dong/ m2.
  •  CMC will pay 25% reduced design costs for customers signing a construction contract with CMC.