Scope of Design

Achitecture Desgin

  • General Plan
  • Plans
  • Elevation plans
  • Cross-sections
  • Elevation plans details, stairs, restroom
  • Doors & Windows details
  • For interior design: ground interior plan of the rooms, the ceiling plan, paving plans, decorating wall elevation plans, the interior details, interior perspective.


  • Foundation structure
  • Reinforced concrete columns and frame structure.
  • Brace struture
  • floor structure
  • stairs Structure
  • Steel Statistics

Electricity System

  • The principle of power supply map
  • Electrical materials Statistics
  • The power of each plan
  • The detailed layout of electrical equipments

Water System

  • Drainage Plan
  • Drainage space map
  • Drainage materials Statistics
  • The connector details

A document includes: 3D perspective of the spaces and exterior architectural, which show detailed space measure, furniture arrangement, lighting and shown practical effects of light, creating detailed and material of the building, shaping fixtures, ceiling, sound system…