The technical requirements of the concrete pile

1. The technical requirements for pile sections



– Reinforcement of vertical piles to weld on steel rims 2 connectors in both vertical and on the side of the steel during the height of the rim.

– Connect to flat steel rims, not buckled

– At the top surface connecting two piles have close contact with each other.

– The size of the code to the right with designers and ≥ 4mm

– Axis of piles are connected with the same compression

– Check the weld size than design, weld connections have piles of piles on all 4 sides.

– On each side piles, weld length not less than 10cm

2. Technical requirements for piling equipment



– Nominal pressure most of the equipment not less than 1.4 times the maximum pressure .

– Max PEP requirements prescribed design .

– It’s time to ensure the right of the vertical axis effect when pressing the top of the pile , not cause a horizontal force when pressed .

– The motion of the piston are right , and the speed control is pressed .

– Pressure Gauges corresponds to about that time.

– Pile driving equipment must ensure conditions to operate in accordance with the regulations on the safety of construction workers .

– The measured value of the maximum pressure must not exceed 2 clock times while piling pressure measurement .

– Commanders from ( 0.7 ÷ 0.8 ) maximum capacity of piling equipment .

– In the process of mastering pile to speed presses to ensure the technical requirements .

To ensure the quality of works in the long run , besides entrust the responsibility for the construction company , the investor should also know their work is doing what , how and quality conducted to date point , so investors must hold the preliminary information needed for pile construction process to easily track and manage projects under implementation.


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