Build a house is a difficult works, maintenance it in steady state and maintain the beauty is more difficult. Understanding the customer’s concerns, CMC please provide maintenance services to customers with the desire to support the professional maintenance services, erase fears and remodeling cost savings to customers.

With a professional and trained staffs, we are always ready to serve and make you a satisfied customer.

Our maintenance is divided into two services:

Green Building Maintenance:

For this service, you will be completely comfortable with the green system. Our staff will carry out care and maintenance of trees, gardens and lawns… of your buildings.

  • Provide labor, fertilizer and equipment necessary to complete the services in accordance with customer requirements.
  • Pruning, fertilizing, monitoring of plant diseases, pest spray… make sure the tree is well-developed care.
  • Collect all the garbage due to tree pruning, care tools, pruning rules in place
  • Record of work under the supervision of a representative designated by the owner.
  • During the contract period, staff always adhere to the regulations and instructions of the representative investor.

Building Maintenace Service:

For this service, we will carry out maintenance to ensure that your houses or your building is always clean and like new state.

  • Installation and repair of all kinds of aluminum and glass doors walls
  • Painting walls & ceilings, whitewashed
  • Painting & repairing wood, iron,… and types of corrugated iron roof
  • Maintenance of electrical equipment, repair and maintenance of air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators…
  • Polished types of stone floor, sawn granite, marble … all kinds of ordinary brick.
  • Specialist cleaning (dry – wet) carpets
  • Clean and disinfect toilet works villas, high-rise building after building
  • Renovation, repair and oil paint and paint rollers waterproofing buildings have been used