Red, Black and White

Red , black and white seem to be the three unbeaten in design and fashion, as in any stage , any time they appeared on the designs and become the focus of attention. The trio have anything special?

Red – Red Red symbolizes love, seduction and hot, reminds me a warm feeling, daring and irresistible passion. Red lovers often passionate, brave the challenge and crave success. Red feels warm, ideal to decorate the hall outside the pickup. Besides red arouse the appetite and warm up the conversation so well suited for the dining room. Red suitable for restaurants and theaters, but avoid use in offices and factories.

Black and White – Scientists believe that black and white is not a color that is only the appearance and disappearance of light. However, black and white is interesting choices in fashion and interior decoration.

White represents purity, elegance, a sign of the truth, the blessings and harmony. In the interior, as white as condensation time and create comfortable atmosphere, cool.

In contrast, the black negative nature and power. But one can not deny that the color black is a stylish and indispensable collection in any color. The dotted black on a light wall will create a unique contrast.

Be bold change your space if you are fascinated and impressed by this trio.